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The Bluegrass Literacy Project is dedicated to improving English language literacy among the youth of Kentucky. To achieve our mission, we give free etymology workshops.


Etymology, the study of word roots, is the most effective method to learn and retain vocabulary. By learning Latin and Greek roots, students can often recall words faster than rote memorization alone. Students can even determine the definitions of obscure English words by piecing together roots, instead of memorizing long lists of words and their meanings. The study of etymology also improves spelling proficiency.

Workshops are written by students who have extensive etymology knowledge and are multi-year competitors at the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

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During this one-hour workshop, we will be exploring the expansive world of Harry Potter - discovering charactonyms, spells, and fantastic beasts. You will learn to recognize Latin and Greek roots hidden within J.K. Rowling's writing and be able to identify these roots in other words found in the English language. You will essentially become a word wizard!

In our hands-on activity, you will apply your newfound knowledge to create your own powerful spell or mythical beast. Costumes are definitely encouraged but not required. 


This workshop is ideal for students through 8th grade who have read all of the Harry Potter books. Sign up below!

Become a Word Wizard!