About us

who we are

We are a student-led, student-run nonprofit organization dedicated to improving English language literacy in Kentucky.

what we do

We offer free etymology workshops to elementary and middle school students. We sponsor the Scripps Spelling Bee for 29 counties in both Kentucky and Indiana. We also conduct quarterly service projects to benefit our community.

our team


Tara Singh

Founder and Executive Director

Tara is excited to share her passion for words and etymology with her community and inspire others to further their knowledge of the English language. 

Tara is a five-time competitor at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, most recently placing in the top ten in 2018. She has been studying Latin for six years and is a gold medalist on the National Classical Etymology Exam. She is also a published author of Latin stories.

Three words she would use to describe herself are linguaphile (a lover of words), chocaholic (addicted to dark chocolate), and bibliophile (a lover of books). 

our advisors

AMB 2018.jpg

dr. andrew byrd

Associate Professor of Linguistics
University of Kentucky

ms. nuntiya smith

Young Scholars Ambassador Program Manager
Davidson Institute for Talent Development