for students

For some of you, the road to the National Spelling Bee starts with a classroom spelling bee. Be sure to study the grade level words given to you by your teacher or spelling bee coordinator. If you advance to your school spelling bee, remember to thoroughly study the list provided by your school coordinator. If there are many well-prepared students at your school, your bee may progress "off-list." The first off-list words are common words used in daily life.

If you conquer your school spelling bee, the next step is the regional bee. Your school coordinator should provide you the current year's Spell-It! List to prepare for the regional bee. In order to do well in the regional competition, you should know both the definitions and spellings of all of the words on the Spell-It! List. The regional bee will proceed "off-list" when there are two or three competitors left. The source for "off-list" words is Merriam Webster Online.

The following information may be asked of the pronouncer at any level of the competition:

  • Definition

  • Sentence

  • Language of Origin

  • Alternate Pronunciation

Good luck!